The ancient discipline of yoga brings both strength & flexibility into your body while calming your busy, chaotic mind through the breath. In today’s busy lifestyle people hardly get time to main themself. Yoga is the most effective & cost free method to practice every day to keep ourselves fit & active. Pranayam is the starting phase & need to be done first by chanting “OM”. It not only helps in building concentration but also relieves stress & calms the mind. It rejuvenates brain cells & nervous system. Fitness regime isn’t that hitting gym daily, one can do it easily on open air. Yoga helps in curing various muscle & joint diseases. Yoga should be done early in the morning for at least fifteen minutes. Ramdev CD’s are easily available in market where various postures of yoga are shown & also briefed to cure various health syndromes. To maintain a healthy & disease free lifestyle yoga helps a lot. Yoga should preferably be done under an expert’s supervision. Yoga “asanas’’ or postures have many benefits & should form a part of your yoga routine.